It’ll be a September to Venture!

Every year I look forward to September for one reason in particular. Yes, it is the month of my birth but besides that, its the month of Venture Credit Union 5k. Why do I look forward to Venture’s race in particular? Simple, it is my greatest opportunity to beat my best 5k time.

I set my current best 5k time at Venture 2 years ago and I look forward to beating that time this year.

Why Venture?

The 1500 persons who participated last year, would know the answer to that question. For those who have never been to the event I will give you an overview.

  • The race starts on the accessible Couva Main Road making public transport easy to get.
  • The course is partially closed-off to traffic for the race.
  • At the start of the event you may have to get past the little ones who love to be to the front of a race.
  • The course is flat with a very slight incline on the final straight
  • The turns are few but sharp. It is primarily straight road though.
  • It is probably, the longest line of sight of the finish line that you will get
  • Medals for all finishers
  • Water and watermelon were available for all finishers.
  • While waiting for the results there is entertainment on stage
  • There is always a lot of interaction among the athletes after this race.
  • Results have taken a while in the past but this year we can expect with electronic timing, that will improve.
  • In the past there have been many international runners taking part making it very interesting.
  • Great prizes, including age group prizes.

You might think that I am a bit biased about this race but this is the type of event that I like to be a part of. The organisers even in these economic times, show their commitment to putting on a great event and deserve your support.

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